Friday , 22 February 2019
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Android Losing Sales in U.S

Android smartphone sales sink in U.S. for fourth consecutive monthAndroid smartphones are in for a slowdown in U.S. as its numbers are declining. The latest report by research firm comScore regarding the mobile market share have some disturbing news for Google, the number of new users who purchased an Android smartphone has been steadily declining every month of the first four months of 2012.

While Android is having trouble, Apple’s iOS continues to grow. This is the slowest growth that Android has seen since 2009.

“It’s perhaps too early to suggest that we’re seeing a slowdown in the U.S. for Android,” Dediu wrote. “Perhaps there will be a return to growth in the fall. The concern has to be that rather than seeing the net adds growing — as they have for two years with only two contiguous months of decline — Android net adds have been falling for four months.”

Steve Jobs must be laughing now.


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