Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Oracle rejects $272M SAP award!

Oracle today,rejected $272 million award from SAP,  says it would rather have another trial over SAP’s theft of software and customer-support documents then accepting the offer.

A jury awarded Oracle $1.3 billion in the case in November 2010, but a federal judge cut that amount last September.

In a Monday filing in a federal court in Oakland, California, Oracle confirmed its earlier decision and rejected the award.

SAP admitted that a now-closed subsidiary, TomorrowNow, pilfered Oracle’s intellectual property.

Oracle argued that this helped SAP undercut Oracle by selling similar services for lower prices. SAP said it didn’t make much use of the documents and should have to pay only $40 million.

Che, its all over. First we have Apple Vs Samsung, Google Vs Facebook, now its Oracle Vs  SAP.

I reckon, we haven’t seen the last of  SAP Vs Oracle fights. A big bash is brewing between the two giants.

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