Monday , 11 November 2019
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UK Employment percent is higher : Markit Survey

PD*26001897The most  prominent guide for labour market of  UK ” The Markit” has came up with a new and hope giving Survey.

According to the Markit Survey conducted on UK employment hiring, the current level of  job hiring has increased to a great effect. To say , the new job posting in on a high after a dreadful  17 long months.

So is this the final path to recovery? Still the question is unanswered. Markit Survey fails to give the answer for this and has avoided itself by saying  “It is not a confirm message that Market is improving, but still the patches of improvement is visible throughout the market”

This is what the Sponsors have to say on the Survey–

“This is first time we have seen really positive news for the UK jobs market in 17 months,” said Bernard Brown from KPMG, co-sponsor of the survey.

“It seems that employers are becoming more confident in their hiring decisions,” said Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, the survey’s other co-sponsor.

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