Friday , 25 May 2018
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How to ?

All kinds of Do It Yourself(DIY) stuffs and great home fixes!

How to avoid secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smoke is a known cause of cancer and is known to cause more damage then the what smoker suffers. But what can be done? There are smokers everywhere. How to avoid them ? How to politely ask them to leave ? Secondhand smoke is classified as a “known human carcinogen” (cancer-causing agent) by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ... Read More »

How to Interview an Employee?

How to interview a candidate, may be perhaps the million dollar question for the people who work as HR. A common house hold term is Its hard to get employed. In reality, its much harder to get an ideal candidate for a job post. The hiring folks meets thousands of candidates every day , hearing them,trying all types of methods ... Read More »

Scams to watch out this Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner, so does Scams. Each and every year, People become victims to Online scams. Christmas scams is of no exception to the long list. So, here we attempt to give you some tips on how to avoid scams this Christmas. Here we go. Fake holiday help. Getting a seasonal job can be a great idea. In ... Read More »

How to clean my home after construction work?

Been into cleaning recently? After having an average construction work in home- for instance Cutting and sanding construction materials — including drywall, tile, masonry or wood, one might find an impossible task waiting for them underneath their feet- Dust! cleaning and wiping the home after an construction work is never easy. I found an interesting article on, on similar ... Read More »