Thursday , 24 May 2018
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All kinds of Do It Yourself(DIY) stuffs and great home fixes!

Top 5 unexplored places in Earth

Man’s technological might has help him to penetrate into all corners of the Earth and into the space. Man, however, has not left his footprints in some places of the Earth. Through this post, we attempt to tell you the Top 5 places in the Earth that is still Unexplored. 1. Northwest Siberia Siberia constitutes almost all of Northern Asia, ... Read More »

How to Edit Glare Out of Pictures?

Glare happens when the flash from the camera hits a reflective and shiny surface. Mirrors, windows, and automobiles — basically any glass and metal — are present just about everywhere photographers take snapshots. Even in a natural environment, a pond or lake can produce glare in pictures. Light is a fundamental element in an image, but too little or too ... Read More »

How to treat a minor Fire Burn?

Fire Burn has always been a general concern for us. Right from woman cooking to the people working with fire generating devices, everybody gets a fire burn when they accidentally touch the stove or a hot burner getting a burn in a hand or legs. In the end, the fire burn has touched everyone’s life one day or the other. ... Read More »

How do i check who Deleted Me on Facebook!

I have an hunch that my friend deleted me on Facebook! But how do i know which one of  them? A question perhaps is hitting the minds of 700 million Facebook users. I came across a wierd Facebook application that vows to tell you Which friend of yours deleted you! However, there is a survey involved in the apps. I ... Read More »

Your Future Airbus Airplanes 2050

Airbus has revealed their dream of 2050 in which they see Airplanes to be the most desired mode of transport by the world population. In their efforts, Airbus has produced their vision in the graphical images that seemed awesomely exciting. The images shows Airbus proposal to develop airplanes that would be transparent as well as entertaining to the future passengers. ... Read More »