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you can find all the lifestyle activities that will influence the people in a better and good way

Affluenza – What does it really mean?


Affluenza is formed by the combination of affluence and infleunza. This is a modern day term that is used to refer to the actions that are influenced due to the affluence or unrestricted/uncontrolled access to wealth and power which can turn out to be dangerous to the person and his surrounding. The book Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic defines it as ... Read More »

Having a Tough Day? Try these 7 Mantras


We frequently find ourselves in a tough and difficult day that we start asking emotionally depressing questions such as “Why Me?”. Going through such a phase? Chill down and relax we got some mantras that will help you get through the day with ease and mental strength. Finding lasting happiness seems to be like getting in shape physically. It may ... Read More »

Ten Steps to Become Famous on Facebook


Do you want to become famous on Facebook? This is a goal many people have – even if it’s just their “15 minutes of fame” that they’re after. Because Facebook is such a large social network, it’s actually easy to become popular and famous if you go about it the right way. The list of ideas below will help you ... Read More »

Modern Lifestyle Turning People Away From Sex


Our modern lifestyle has  become very complicated that we have to take care of a lot of things. All these constant distractions has really turned us away from sex. One of our most vital need. People these days have sex less frequently, a study has found out. Really, where is the time for all that? A survey of more than ... Read More »

World’s Worst Airports of 2013

We got the list of the World’s worst airports 2013 that has been compiled by SleepingInAirports community who has voted the following airports as the Worst Airports for Comfort, Amenities and Overall Experience. The worst airports: Manila NAIA (Terminal 1) Bergamo Calcutta Islamabad Paris Beauvais Chennai Frankfurt Hahn Mumbai Rome Fiumicino Los Angeles 5. Paris Beauvais Airport “Fifteen of us ... Read More »