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Divorced Men Cry more than Divorced Women

First  of all the common arguments start between couples, then great fight, then split up and finally Divorce. Many couples mainly Men think they have done the right thing by ditching their spouse. well, if your one of those guys who are deciding to have divorce, then you should be the first to read this post. A study conducted by ... Read More »

Good relationship with partner prevents work stress out, split ups

A survey conducted on around 900 people proves that good relationship with the partner help them survive the stress which the couple face. This survey means Business proving the fact clearly about the issues rising around the couple. Ann-Christine Andersson Arnten who is a PhD student interviewed the people during the survey process. “The relationship reduces the negative effects of ... Read More »

Internet users spend less time with family

Here comes the most known report, the difference is  its proven now with the survey conducted throughout America.   Internet Users throughout America are facing less  Face to Face time with the Family members. There new interest  is in Social Networking, Online Browsing, Chat with new friends, hangout with friends, etc., Concentrating so much on social networking sites makes them fail ... Read More »

Ban of PainKillers has reduced Suicides and Accident

Strange ah!  The Ban on a particular Painkiller by the Medical agency Regulators has actually decreased Suicides and Accident to a large Extent . The Pain Killer that was banned earlier 2007  is  “co-proxamol “. This Pain Killer is supposed to be dangerous when it is Overdosed and hence  The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency announced its withdrawal in ... Read More »

Human’s nature is optimistic claims a survey

Human’s takes things in optimistic manner claims a recent survey that was conducted over 150,000 adults throughout 140 countries. It says that though life of people living standards is difficult, people always are optimistic and in hope that their future will be good. This sounds correct. Imagine whatever happens in one’s current life  he or she will think that tommorrow ... Read More »

TV killing Child progress

The worst fears of every parent has been made true through a survey that was conducted in USA for about 2 years. The main issue that arises in the society is whether watching television improves your child knowledge or sinks it. To find this out , children from the age group of  6 months to 4 years were considered and ... Read More »

World’s Top 10 Greatest Ceilings

Michelangelo’s painted ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in Rome may be the most lauded in the ceiling world, but it’s far from the only one worth straining your neck to see. The editors and members of travel website have compiled a list of the World’s Top 10 Greatest Ceilings, apart from the Sistine Chapel. Reuters has not endorsed this ... Read More »