Friday , 24 May 2019
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Modern Man, Deaf Man?


Seems that the modern man and his lifestyle is having a negative impact on his ears, he seems to be loosing his hearing accuracy. UK researchers are trying to find this out if this is true. They are launching a mass participation study asking people to do an online hearing test to find out if modern life has been harming ... Read More »

2014 Calendar Printable


The year 2014 is almost here and it is time we prep out our schedule. We got the you printable version of 2014 calendar! Click on them to get the full image, the CTRL+P to print. Keywords: 2014 printable calendar, printable calendar 2014, calendar printable 2014. Read More »

Can we Exercise with a Cold?


Sure many of you have asked yourself this question. Can I continue my exercise routine if I catch a cold? We are sure you are bothered about missing your perfect exercise schedule where you made a lot of progress. But you can’t exercise with a running nose, it could make it worse, right? But you don’t actually don’t have to ... Read More »

Affluenza – What does it really mean?


Affluenza is formed by the combination of affluence and infleunza. This is a modern day term that is used to refer to the actions that are influenced due to the affluence or unrestricted/uncontrolled access to wealth and power which can turn out to be dangerous to the person and his surrounding. The book Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic defines it as ... Read More »