Thursday , 18 July 2019
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Did Ancient Chinese Eat Pandas?

Scientists have discovered that ancient Chinese may have had a regular helping of giant panda meat as a part of their diet. Now why would scientists think that prehistoric Chinese people were eating giant pandas? Of all the food available, why panda? Well, the recently discovered fossil records seems to suggest this. The Institute of Three Gorges Paleoanthropology lead scientist ... Read More »

Russian-made Plane Lost in Indonesia

A Russian-made plane, Sukhoi SuperJet 100 carrying 46 people has disappeared and lost contact with Air Controllers. A rescue team has been already dispatched to the area. National search agency spokesman Gagah Prakoso said the Sukhoi Superjet-100 was on a demonstration flight when it lost contact with authorities near Salak mountain in West Java province. He said a rescue team ... Read More »

South Korea seizes capsules containing powdered flesh of dead babies

The South Korean government revealed Monday that it recently seized thousands of capsules filled with the powdered flesh of dead babies. Reportedly, some people believe the powder has medicinal purposes and was created in northeastern China. South Korea has reportedly been reluctant to criticize China directly over the incident, out of fears of creating diplomatic friction with the country. But ... Read More »