Thursday , 12 December 2019
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Tibetan Mastiff-A chinese Sacred Animal

Tibetan Mastiff, The chain-link steel began Rales we freak out. In each rattle, looked nervously toward where the sound came. The source? A giant Tibetan mastiff, standing at least 3 feet tall and weighing between 130 and 150 pounds. Inexplicably, he was chained to a platform right at the entrance to the fair Tianjin dog, ensuring a rude welcome for ... Read More »

China’s newly designed Bus to drive over a Car

China, has proposed a new design of a bus that will eventually drive over a car or bike and need not wait behind the car during traffic. The Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment company proposed this designed naming it as  “3D Express Coach” (also known as a “three-dimensional fast bus”). If the design is successful, then the bus will look ... Read More »

FBI has problems with Wikipedia

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has sent a letter to Wikipedia stating that “unauthorised reproduction of the FBI Seal was prohibited by US law”. Is the FBI making fun of itself ?? I find this just funny. The FBI knows that Wikipedia is just for educational purposes and that they have almost all government seals from all parts of the ... Read More »

Mosque to be build in ground zero, New York

Can you believe it? A mosque (or Masjid) is all set to be constructed in a place formerly known as Ground zero  in New york. How did the authorities give permission to construct a mosque. This is something unexpected in New york. Why all of a sudden this rather odd decision? Sources say that the authorities have decided to bomb ... Read More »