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Batman V Superman: Why it Works?
Batman V Superman Fighting it out

Batman V Superman: Why it Works?

There is no such movie in recent history that forced the public into wild speculations and fan fights, then perhaps  Director Zack Snyder’s latest DC comic superhero flick Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice.

Yep, when Zack Snyder’s movie graced the silver screens this Easter, it not only created history by becoming the biggest Superhero blockbuster opening ever, but also sent Critics crazy all over the globe, clearly splitting the critics and the fans into factions with some defending Zack Snyder’s work and the others going crazy over how Zack killed DCEU.

Whether you liked it or not, whether the movie sucked or not (we can go on and on with this), the one thing which we are sure at this point of time is, the Movie scored. It scored big and is without a doubt a box office success with over $784 million worldwide earning (at the time of writing this article) thereby clearly defying the very critics who lashed it out.

Personally, I felt the Critics were too harsh on the movie. Well this is the talk of future.

So, how did Batman V Superman survived? Why did it turn gold for Warner Bros despite Critics slamming it? Lets discuss it out.

Batman V Superman Fighting it out

Batman V Superman Fighting it out

Batman Vs Superman: Why it worked?

Visual Presentation

Well, the very first thing that clearly separates Batman Vs Superman with (ahem) other superhero movies is clearly its presentation. The movie is way spectacular than all the other superhero movies combined, for which, Zack Snyder need to be commended.

Speaking of which, the visual aspect of presenting a scene involving DC heroes is kind of challenging compared to other super heroes. Zack Snyder being a fan himself, captured the visual magnificence clearly throughout the movie making it a must watch in the list of general public.

Its about Bigger Boys

From the very first scene in the movie, it was made abundantly clear that we are in for a dark and serious ride.  Staying true to it, we had some very complex story narration about Batman and his version of sharing the universe with Superman. Well, when it comes to big boys, the temptation is on to watch it in the theaters.

Staying true to Warner Bros vision

You might argue with me on this, but, the reality is, Batman V Superman The Dawn of Justice was a product of what Warner visioned and they got exactly what they wanted, from director Zack Snyder. To this day, Warner Bros were convinced they had the goods with Batman V Superman before critics declaring an all out war on its Extended Universe.

Fans embracing the movie, speaks a ton about the vision of Warner Bros and how they perceive their DC universe continuity which will save them big deal in the next movies since all its major plots are established in Batman V Superman.

Powerful Storylines

One must commend Zack Snyder for taking two very popular and proven storylines and mixing it together for Batman V Superman. The movie covered The Dark Knight returns (Batman’s arc) and Death of Superman (Superman arc) stories together which was given any day, a sure success.

We have aged and angry Batman and death of Superman in a single movie, who doesn’t want to watch it eh?

and finally,

Iconic Superheroes

We have Batman and Superman in the same screen for the first time. Hell Yeah, its more than enough for the movie to work regardless of its tone or its script. Moreover, the addition of Wonder woman and the Easter eggs of other justice league heroes is undeniably the X factor for the success of Batman Vs Superman.

What do you think? Did you watch Batman V Superman? Whats your opinion on it? Share with us your comments.

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