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Jennifer Lopez Shoots Down Rumors About Engagement

Jennifer Lopez Addresses New Rumors She’s Engaged to Casper SmartThe rumors about Jennifer Lopez engagement to Casper Smart has been doing its rounds on the internet. Jennifer Lopez decided to shoot it down.

Jennifer Lopez just can’t seem to stand the rumors that have been flying around regarding her engagement with Casper Smart. She has had enough of it and decided to put and end to it all.

She wrote on her official website, “Rumors!!! Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. No engagement!”

Well, that settles it. Jennifer Lopez is NOT engaged to Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez has put an end to a speculation that has been around ever since they started dating last year.

The rumors even reached it’s high point in March when reports were published saying that designer Roberto Cavalli was working on the wedding gown for Jennifer Lopez.

Now, that Lopez herself has spoken we can put a rest to it.

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