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Kelly Preston to break silence on her son’s death


Kelly Preston with her family

Jett Travolta, Son of Kelly Preston died last January with a sudden Seizure. He was  aged 16. The lose of their beloved son made kelly Preston and John Travolta suffer in private grief. They were not seen talking about the dead towards the media and supposedly seemed to be let down.

Finally, Shiver who is the host of California Governor’s conference for women has been successful on convincing Preston on speaking at the conference. The Show is titled as Grief & Resilience“. It is for those who have lost their loved ones. And it gives an opportunity for the affected persons to share their grief with others.”If she can empower one other woman who feels like they can’t get out of bed, or get through the day, whatever the loss, it’ll be worthwhile sharing her story,” says Shriver.

Shiver says it was a tough job to get Preston convinced to speak. Preston finally agreed to speak on the topic. Along with her, the panel will have other two woman who have also lost their sons.

Preston gave the invite a lot of thought before making a commitment to speak. “She has been thinking about this for a couple of months,” Shriver says of Preston. “I asked her to speak and she knew about the conference and decided if she was only going to speak once, it would be here. She wants the conversation to be about more than just her.”

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  • Leslie

    I hope that speaking at the conference will bring some peace to Ms. Preston. The profound sadness that she and her husband, John Travolta, have so obviously been dealing with breaks my heart. Maybe by ‘sharing’ her grief, as well as hearing others share theirs, she may be able to really begin to heal. I pray that the Travolta family can find that peace that they so much deserve. God bless them.