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Michael Jackson “This is it” Movie to hit theatres

michael jacksonMichael Jackson Rehearsal  video for the proposed  concert “This is it”    is now back to hit the theatres .

Yep, “This is it” movie contains all the dance steps  that Michael Jackson proposed for the concert. Though he is not among us now, his practice video will still rock the world.

MJ’s  “This is it” will hit the  15 cities that include New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Berlin and Seoul. Los angeles will host the red carpet for the movie were all the hollywood stars are invited.

This movie will later hit the screens worldwide with the other unnamed city.

The MJ Estate admininstrator expect a $200 million turnover from this movie by the end of the year. It is a sure that this movie will earn in billions.

I never know a man other than Michael Jackson  who can earn even after death?

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