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Michael Jackson’s ex-wife seeks children custody

Michael-Jackson_0After the dead of pop legend Michael Jackson, battle is on for who gets what. Of  Many who say MJ owe them  debt are battling out to get the assets which he possessed. To add to this, the successor of parental rights of Michael children is at question now.

It is reported that Michael Jackson made a will stating if any thing happens to him, his children can be trusted to his close friend Diana Ross,aged 65. Currently MJ’s mother Catherine Jackson is taking care of MJ’s children.

As the guardian of kids still undecided, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe has decided to take the kids with her. She is the mother of MJ’s two of the eldest children. Though there are gossips that biologically she is not the mother of  2 kids. She still seems to claim the parental rights in the court.

MJ and Rowe got divorced in 1990. She gave the parental rights to Michael and the battle in court settled out. Since, MJ is no longer alive now, she decides to get the right again with legal battle soon.

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