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Michael Jackson’s Ghost ??

King of Pop Michael Jackson  

King of Pop Michael Jackson

Looks like people just can’t get enough of Michael Jackson even after he is dead. Now they have started hunting for his ghost ? Can’t they ever leave Michael Jackson in peace ?. The Ghost of Michael Jackson was spotted in the “Inside Neverland”, a CNN Exclusive that was telecasted a few days back.

The video shows the an exclusive tour inside Michael Jackson’s home Neverland Ranch. What actually caused this “ghost” thingy, was in a video clip a shadow figure is seen at the other end of the camera. Though the camara-man and nor the host seems to have noticed it.


Here is the screen shot of it:

Michael Jackson Ghost in Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson Ghost in Neverland Ranch

Here is the actual video posted on youtube:

[youtube LaTLcooiHsk nolink]

To me it just looks like a shadow, may be somebody walked behind the camera. Whatever it is it dosen’t seems like a ghost (not that I have seen ghost) but to me it just looks like a plain shadow. Also the shadow trails down till the camera. So it must be someone behind the camera.

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