Saturday , 20 July 2019
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Pop Legend Michael Jackson dead!!!


A real hard message is coming from the  UCLA medical center,Los Angeles, USA. The reports on Michael Jackson confirms that the POP STAR is Dead. Earlier the report was  unclear as no member can clearly explain about the matter that is a sensitive issue for fans living throughout the world. But Los Angeles Coroner later confirmed the dead of  Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson,50, was taken to hospital due to cardiac arrest . He was not breathing when brought to the hospital and was reported to be in Coma. The media persons assembled outside  hospital was unclear about the dead report as it was kept a hype.

The security persons have blocked the hospital corrider access citing safety purpose.The dead of JACKSON was first reported by An unidentified member who claimed that he is MJ’s family.

Hundreds of  Michael Jackson fan who gathered outside the hospital to know details about MJ’s health has end with terrible shock seeing him dead.

The King of pop star is no more.

The Legend lives  no more.

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