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How to save money in high-priced restaurant?

How to save money in high class or pricey restaurant? This is probably the most repeated craziest question that an individual asks himself/herself.

What if you dont have bucks and your girlfriend/boyfriend insist you to take her/him to the restaurant. Sounds cornered!

Here we are providing you the tips on how to escape such situations.


  1. The most precious step to remember . Start from your home after having some food or water. Dont start empty stomach.
  2. Before ending up in the restaurant, play along with your partner thereby convincing her/him to get a chips or something. (Half of your stomach will be full by now :-)  )
  3. While in restaurant, have just one piece of bread and tell the server to take it away. You don’t need to fill up on the bread basket. If you like, order soup to help you fill up.
  4. Order an appetizer as a starter, another as a main dish and another as a side dish. Have your friend or partner do the same and you’ll be able to sample half the menu! Then you won’t have to order a main dish, plus appetizers are usually smaller and will help with portion control.
  5. Share a dessert. A little sweetness goes a long way, so not only will you save on the bill, but you’ll save calories as well.

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