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Elitmus pH Test question pattern

Guys first of all, this is an information on  One set of the question paper which i faced today 25-july-2010.

There are 4 sets of question paper  A,B,C,D

I received the Set A paper.

I was asked to attend 60 questions with 120 min time allocation.

First 20 questions were purely probability type. Am not sure this is from R.S.Agarwal cause everything looked different and kind of CAT question type.

Second 20 question was problem solving. This was a bit easy when compared to previous one.

The last 20 question was my favorite, it contained Verbal type question and one can easily solve these questions.

Thats it i faced..

I wish to share this information and i did it.

Admin’s note:

The information posted above is  from the email which we received from a user. If you wish to share any information on  similar type just mail us at     or just post it through here comment. We will check it out and if found necessary we will have it updated here.

To Know more on How to prepare for the Elitmus pH test   CLICK HERE

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  • laxmandilip

    my name is laxman
    my 10 th percenatge is 80
    and 12th is 87
    and BE is 74.10

    will elitmus help me

    • Shane

      @Laxmandilip, you have a very good academics… Attend the Elitmus exam and try to score higher percentile.

      Surely if you score a percentile between 85 to 95.. Elitmus can provide you very good paying companies

  • payal

    hie shane…..
    I am a 2010 batch passout and want to give a try for elitmus test.
    My percentages are-

    will it be helpful for me If take this test

    I kindly request you to reply soon…………………..

    • Shane

      I dont think Elitmus can help you..

  • lakshmi

    my 10th 79,12th 64, 63,can elitmus help me

  • Prasad

    My name is prasad..
    My acadamic percentage’s

    10th – 61%
    12TH – 73.4%
    Degree – 73%

    Will it be helful for me ?


    hi frnds
    I am a 2011 batch studentt and want to give a try for elitmus test.
    My percentages are-

    will it be helpful for me If take this test

    I kindly request you to reply soon…

  • Arup

    Hii My name is Arup….
    My HS score is 75%
    Secondary score is 83%
    btech grade point is 7.8 out of 10 …
    will it be helpful 4 me???

    • Shane

      @Arup, Yes it will be helpful for you

  • sarita

    hi im sarita
    my 10th,12th and btech score is 81%,67% & 71.5%
    will it helpful for me??
    please reply me soon

    • Shane

      Yes, although your 12th marks is below 67…Still Elitmus offers companies that also ask 65 and above…

      Score a high percentile in Elitmus test, and it will help you.

  • jasmine

    ma 10th %:90,12th 83 and btech 66.will it help me.plz rply

    • Shane

      Yes, you can attend the exam. But do remember, you may not be able to apply for all companies that Elitmus offers.

      Some companies expect 70 and above.

      But still you can apply for other companies that Elitmus offers provided you get a good percentile.

  • harish

    I have scored 88 in 10th
    80 in 12th
    and overall agree-gate of 72% and got a job in an Indian MNC through campus placement and am 6 months into my current job can i attend Elitmus test and will help me in getting a better job.

    • Shane

      hey, if the company which your working now is an MNC. I would recommend you to get an exp of atleast a year or 2.

      You can apply Elitmus anytime. Elitmus will ask you whether you are exp or not. If you provide an exp such as 6 months. That may not look convincing for them and the company will still term you as a fresher.

      I want to know the domain in which you are working with?

  • saranya

    my name is saran
    my 10 th percenatge is 89
    and 12th is 70
    and BE is 74

    will elitmus help me

    • Shane

      Yes, But you need to score an High Percentile

  • jasmine

    hiii…i want to attempt elitmus test.
    my 10th percentage is 92.6%
    my 12th is 88.9%
    my B.Tech is 76.4%
    My M.Tech is 8.66 cgpa.
    will it be helpful for me getting good job?

    • Shane

      yep, it will help you. if you score a percentile above 90 then i am sure that you will get good company calls from Elitmus

  • krishna

    my 10th percentage-77%
    12th= 84.6%
    can elitmus help me?

  • shashi kant

    hi im Shashi Kant
    my 10th,12th and btech score is 66%,68% & 63%
    will it helpful for me??
    please reply me soon

  • Manju

    Hi I’m Manju,
    My HS & PU Score is 58.24% & 51.16%
    And BCA Aggregate Score is 76.72%
    Will elitmus help me?

    Pls Reply.

    • Shane

      i dont think Elitmus will help you

  • ujjwal

    m Ujjwal Ajit
    My marks are as follows:
    10th :83%
    12th :70.6%
    B.E(IT) :69.31%
    Currently m working in a service based compnay of indi
    which is an MNC..
    will elitmus help me?

    • Shane

      Surely it will help you provided you get a high percentile

  • Amit Kumar

    hi, want to attempt elitmus test.
    my 10th percentage is 63.3%
    my 12th is 59.6%
    my B.Tech is 67.7%
    will it be helpful for me getting job?
    plz reply me soon.

    • Shane

      Nope. I dont think it can help you

  • anshu

    dude hi,
    my class 10(icse) % is 71.6
    12th(isce) % is 79
    b.e(ece) is 64.2

    what are my chances of landing a good job if i appear for elitmus…….???

    • Shane

      @anshu, i cannot give you any rough chances buddy. I would still recommend you to give elitmus test ( if money is not a constraint for you)

      Your College score is nearly 65. i am not sure whether elitmus can help you.

      Give it a shot :P

  • udit

    10% : 88.2
    12% : 92.4
    btech: 73.7

    what bout me??

    i have got campus placement in HCL tech (at 3.25 lpa).
    can i get better opportunities by taking elitmus???
    (m not at all happy wid HCL :( )

    • Shane

      @Udit, You got a good academics. Yeah definitely Elitmus can help you if you have an higher percentile of 90 and above in the PH test.

      My Suggestions:

      Although today being a fresher it seems that one may get a job easily, in reality its not so.
      You can get into a company through On Campus, but trust me its very hard to get a job through Off Campus.

      In additional, getting into a reputed company is very risky these days with the annual package you have mentioned.

      Elitmus has thousands of students taking up exam every time with more number of kids scoring more than 95 percentile. No hard feelings, but leaving a gold which you have in hand in search of treasure is dumb in my view.

      What i would suggest you is that, NEVER leave the oppurtunity in hand cause trust me in future you may regret on it.

      You do the Elitmus test and meanwhile join HCL. The score which you get through Elitmus is valid till 2 years. If you secured a good score then you can go forward and attend companies provided by Elitmus . Or if you score a low score, then your not at a loss cause you are already in a top 5 company in India


    10 IS 70%, DIP 81.96 BE(EEE) 63

    • Shane

      @Sreejit, give it a shot ….But be prepared and score a gud percentile.

  • vikash

    my 10th(bseb)72.14
    12th (biec)61.11 (it)up to 7th sem 78.4
    how elitmus helpful me????????????

    • Shane

      well, your 12th is below 65 buddy, if money is not a constraint for you then i would recommend you to give Elitmus a shot

  • Nagaraj

    I got 76 in Class,71 in class 12 and 54 in BE(computer Science).Will Elitmus help me???how much should my percentile should be if it does help???
    my % is very low what should i do to get into a MNC???

    • Shane

      i am sorry, i dont think Elitmus can help you.. Your academics is low

  • karan

    my 10th(bseb)62.8
    12th (biec)66.44 (it)up to 7th sem 7.32
    how elitmus is helpful for me??????????

    • Shane

      well, your academic is little low in my view, if money is not a constraint then i would recommend you to give Elitmus a shot

  • Chinna rao

    Hey shane…
    My acads are
    b.e. Electrical and electronics 71.77…
    After writing my elitmus:
    1.What kind of companies can i expect?
    2.And is there any chance of getting a core job?

    • Shane

      Elitmus has ties with 90 companies to view it Click here You can expect the companies given in the list above.

      In reply for your 2 nd question, it depends… If you need a job in your specialization, then you need to watch out for the interviews elitmus has to offer. For instance you may feel the company which elitmus is offering is of software type but they may also have separate dep for EEE.

      Before attending the interview , i would suggest you to go and have a deep look at its profile and requirements

  • raj

    my marks are
    10th 82.6
    12th 56.8
    b tech 69.7(ECE)
    is elitmus helpful 4 me???

    • Shane

      i dont think it can help you

  • abhishek kumar

    10th marks 57%,12th 78% 66%(up to 7 th sem ) is elitmus helpful 4 me???

    • Shane

      I dont think Elitmus can help you

  • shilpa

    my 10th(bseb)75.4
    12th (biec)67.2 (it) 8.18
    how elitmus is helpful for me??????????

    • Shane

      Yep, you try out Elitmus.. if you get high percentile then you will be getting good companies from elitmus

  • Prashant

    Hi friends,
    I am 2010 passout
    My 10th % is 75.86%
    12th is 77.17%
    an BE( computer) 57% aggregate and in final 62% first class
    will ph test help me.

  • anish

    my academics are
    10th %age-82.4
    12th %age-73.4
    Btech(cse)-65% upto 7th sem…
    but i am having one backlog which will be cleared when i ll complete with my 8th sem.I am currently attending the classes of backlog.. would elitmus be beneficial for me ?

  • shilpa

    i registar and pay money to appear in exam of 13 march.but want to change this date to other like it possible?
    how many time i appear in the exam of elitmus?
    pls rep me soon??

  • kundan

    hey shane
    my 10th is 89
    12th is 67.8
    B.E is 72
    will e litmus help
    if yes then what should be the range of percentile
    reply soon its urgent
    i need it

    • Shane

      Yes, Elitmus can help you.

      With regards to percentile, accordingly Elitmus official website claims that Each candidate who has a percentile of 70 or above will get an interview call.

      Which i agree with.

      But the problem arise when the top companies hire.

      For instance Elitmus has 90 companies with it , in which 10 companies are greatest companies to work with. In this case, people with 70 percent will be allowed for the interview but people with 90 or above percentile will be given a real chance.

      In the end, i would frame it this way.

      70 or Above percentile— Chance to get interview
      80 or Above percentile— better chance
      90 or above—- High chance of getting interview call
      95 or above— Sure change of getting interview call