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Swine Flu outbreak Mexico

On 18march Mexico government reported the  unusual activity of Flu like illness. Still the origin of the flu was not known.April 13 2009, a suspected case is reported that could be due to swine virus. A women who is believed to be suffering from swine flu disease dies in Oaxaca. The reports that it could be swine flu was unclear. And  it was tested  by canadian laboratory  on  April 21 whose Reports confirms its as swine flu.

The swine flu is a flu type disease this has its  origination with the pigs.Its spreads through direct contact with the Pig.And also it spreads through the infected human.To control the spread, Mexico government announced the immediate close of Schools,restaurants,clubs,discos,theatres and all place which has public gathering. This decision was done as the state has seen the increase of  suspects to 1500 people in mexico alone.

The video source is Msn.

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