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Human’s nature is optimistic claims a survey

Human’s takes things in optimistic manner claims a recent survey that was conducted over 150,000 adults throughout 140 countries. It says that though life of people living standards is difficult, people always are optimistic and in hope that their future will be good.

This sounds correct. Imagine whatever happens in one’s current life  he or she will think that tommorrow will be good from this bad day. This is exactly what the survey says. The survey reveals that around 90 percent people think that their next 5 years will be good than their past years. And 89 percent people believe that their next 5 years will be good then their current life.

“These results provide compelling evidence that optimism is a universal phenomenon,” said Matthew Gallagher, a psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Kansas and lead researcher of the study.

This optimistic nature of human being help them survive in very worst situation of life like war, global disease, stress, etc.,

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