Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Internet Explorer’s Awesome Anime Ad! [MUST WATCH]

Microsoft sure is doing an awesome job with their Internet Explorer ads. This time they pulled off an anime ad, and boy for an anime fan IT IS AWESOME!

The girl in the anime ad is Inori Aizawa. Who Microsoft has created for the IE. She is now the official mascot of the Internet Explorer according to her Facebook Page.

Aizawa is the latest attempt to reintroduce IE to the masses, following “Child of the 90s,” one of the top viral ads of this year so far. That ad appears to have helped IE hold on to 57.8% of worldwide market share, according to The Next Web.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has presented itself as a consumer advocate. Once sued by the Department of Justice over monopolistic behavior, the company has in recent years presented itself as a less evil alternative to Google via its “Scroogled” campaign.

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