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What stores are open this Christmas 2011?

Is walmart open this Christmas eve? What stores are open this Christmas? Is this your question. Then you have a reply here. Majority of stores are closed this Christmas 2011 as the Christmas eve falls Saturday followed by Christmas this Sunday.

It’s one of the few days every year in which nearly all businesses are closed across the country.

However, Kmart and Toys R Us are staying open until 10 p.m., while some Walgreens and CVS don’t plan to close.

Dispatch.com reports, Hours will not be extended at major shopping venues such as the Mall at Tuttle Crossing, Easton Town Center and Polaris Fashion Place, which will all close at 6 p.m.

Seems like Shop keepers and retailers are anticipating a high crowd last minute shopping because many people have not yet shopped according to a Poll conducted by Consumer reports.

Kathy Grannis, spokeswoman for the National Retail Federation, a Washington-based industry association, expects the retailers to be opened for last minute shopping.

Shops Staying Up Last Minute Shopping

Meijer planning to stay open until 7 p.m., Kmart is staying open until 10 p.m. in “response to consumer demand,” said a spokeswoman who declined to provide her name.

All Walgreen and CVS stores that typically stay open 24 hours won’t close for the holidays, the stores said. And those stores that aren’t typically open 24 hours will close at 10 p.m., they said.

Toys R Us anticipates plenty of last-minute shoppers, spokeswoman Adrienne O’Hara said.

So, if any of the above, is near your area, you will have a nice time finding shops.

The Only things that is definitely closed this Christmas are Schools, Banks, Post Offices and ofcourse Libraries. And as far Shopping malls and gift shops, they are staying late.

You readers, can also opt for Online shopping.

Have a good time Shopping and yeah dont forget to watch over your Kids while shopping as huge crowds are expected everywhere.

Stay safe.

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