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Why Women more driven to Scary stories?

Women more driven to scary stories like  rape, murder, serial killers “, recent study states.

This study has proved the old critics wrong, where it is said  Men are  more driven towards the former stories.

The reason behind this move is that Women are more scared of the crimes that is happening in their neighborhood.  In order to prevent themselves of being a murdered victim, they are depending more on the scary books inorder to prepare themselves.

While writing in inaugural issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science by Sage, authors Amanda M. Vicary and R. Chris Fraley said a woman fears becoming the victim of a crime so she turns to true crime books in a possible effort to learn strategies and techniques to prevent becoming murdered.

However, with each true crime book she reads, this woman learns about another murderer and his victims, thereby increasing her awareness and fear of crime.

“It is not possible to state with certainty from these studies whether or not this vicious cycle occurs,” they said.

“But we do know that women, compared to men, have a heightened fear of crime despite the fact that they are less likely to become a victim,” they added.

I have been thinking on this for few time now, does  it really helps them of  not being a victim????

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