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13-Year-Old Boy Charged With Felony for Throwing Snowball

13-Year-Old Boy Charged With Felony for Throwing Snowball

A 13-year-old boy who was just having some fun throwing snowballs has been charged with felony by the police. We think the police should be charged with felony for arresting the kid.

Chicago police have revealed that they have arrested and charged a 13-year-old boy with a felony for throwing snowball at a police officer outside West Side elementary school on Wednesday afternoon.

Can a police officer really be this crazy? Don’t they have some grown-up thing to do then pick a fight with a kid?

Well, sadly he was. Now an eighth-grader is facing a felony charge of battery to a police officer.

What really happened was these group of kids were playing in the snow and started throwing some snowball on a police officer, the officer being a the stringent hand of law warned them if they ‘attack’ him they will be in trouble, the kids of course threw a few snowballs which didn’t even hit the police officer.

The police officer noticing that law and order was highly disturbed picked a kid and arrested him.

This is exactly how law is being put into force in our beautiful country.

Latanya Powell, a construction worker on the block, told DNAinfo Chicago the charge was “ridiculous.”

“It’s just going overboard,” Powell said. “I can see if it were a weapon and harm was done, but it was just a snowball. This is a case of kids being kids.”

On top of the felony charge, the boy has been suspended from school for five days. Police confirmed the boy has no gang affiliations or arrest record; he’s due in juvenile court on March 12.

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