Sunday , 26 June 2016
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6000 Santa Clauses Run in Spain!

6000 Santa Clauses Run in Spain!

The Santa Clause run, “mini-marathon” organized in Spain drawn over 6000 people dresses as Santa Clause and his elves. The event was organized in the streets of Madrid to promote the festive cheer.

While grown-ups dressed in red costumes with wispy white beards, children donned green elf outfits to run the 5.5 kilometer (3.4 miles) course through the city center.

The race was organized Saturday by one of Spain’s leading department stores and it contributed 1 euro ($1.34) for each entrant to a charity that buys Christmas presents for deprived children around the world.

Javier Menendez, one of the runners, said he was surprised at the number of people who have donned the robes for the run.

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