Wednesday , 26 July 2017
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Budweiser is now America

Budweiser is now America

Budweiser has decided to rename itself as ‘America’ to encourage people to get drunk more. What better way to express your patriotism than getting drunk? On the up side, this is just temporary. 

In a press release, Budweiser has said it will rename itself as “America” from May 23rd 2016 through to Nov. 8 2016 presidential election to “inspire drinkers to celebrate America.”

Well that is not the only patriotic gesture they have planned, their cans and bottles will be adorned with U.S. icons such as the Statue of Liberty, phrases from the Pledge of Allegiance and lyrics from “America the Beautiful” and “The Star Spangled Banner.”

So what better way to express you patriotism them to drink your hearts fill of America beer till you are flat out. Well, except Budweiser is a Belgium company.

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