Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Chinese “Michelin Baby”, a 10 month old weights like a 6 year old

A Chinese baby who is only 10 months old  weights almost as huge as 6 years old. Looking at the pic, i was numb by the physical nature of this baby.

The boy name is  Lei Lei, nicknamed as Michelin Baby, is now the fattest baby in China weighing 44lbs..

His mother  said: ‘No matter whatever he grabs, he unconsciously puts it in his mouth. His most favorite thing is to eat.’

God, control the child madam or his size will expand more.

Lei Lei is currently in hospital in Yiyang, southern China’s Hunan province, where he is undergoing tests to see if there is a medical reason behind his weight gain.”

Come on doc, help the kid and bring him back to normal.

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