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HP Cameras are Racist(Video Proof)

HP Cameras are Racist

HP Cameras are Racist

A YouTube video suggesting that face recognition cameras installed in HP laptops cannot detect black faces has had over one million views.

The short movie, uploaded earlier this month, features “Black Desi” and his colleague “White Wanda”.

When Wanda, a white woman, is in front of the screen, the camera zooms to her face and moves as she moves.

But when Desi, a black man, does the same, the camera does not respond by tracking him.

The clip is light-hearted in tone but is titled “HP computers are racist”.

“HP has been informed of a potential issue with the facial-tracking software included on some of its systems, which appears to occur when insufficient foreground lighting is available,” an HP spokesman told BBC News.

“We take this seriously and are looking into it with our partners.”

LOL, HP can end up in a lot of problem if someone sues it over this.

Here is the Video you are looking for

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