Wednesday , 20 March 2019
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JetBlue flight member Steven Slater terminated!

Last month, a jetblue employee named Steven Slater rocked the world by abusing the passenger and jumping off the plane.

Earlier, we reported in our website why steven jumped off the plane.

“Jetblue fight attendant Slater and a passenger got involved in a serious argument followed by the passenger abusing Slater.

In return Slater said  “For the passenger who called me F**ker, F*ck you and he jumped off the plane”

Yesterday, the JetBlue management confirmed that Steven Slater has been terminated from the service to the company.

A spokesman confirmed the termination by adding” the airline would not release further details out of respect for his privacy.”

Slater himself told the New York Post through his lawyer that he had been the one who quit.

Slater still have to face the charges pressed against him. Although, he gathered thousands of fans in internet,i reckon  it will be tough time for him.

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