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Mahatma Gandhi dancing photo – Is it real?

M K Gandhi, the man who is known as the Father of the Nation, who would be easily recognized by every Indian child, has been in the news recently for dancing with a foreign lady.

An image of  dancing Gandhi has been posted Online on websites such as Facebook, imgur, etc., .

The image illustrates Mahatma Gandhi enjoying his dance with a foreign national lady.

Here’s the image below, courtesy of,

Our Take

I think, the image is  photo shopped.

I knew, M K Gandhi as a Man of Character.  Yes, there is a bits in the history that he was a little out of course at his young age.

Gandhi, the Man, was the man of Character.  He was a lawyer in profession, ofcourse the general users would know this, he left his job and sacrificed his life for the Poor of India.

He then, goes on to abolish all foreign made cloth wears, and started wearing a cloth type called  Khadi, which then become the mark of Indian Freedom struggle.

If you relate when Gandhi started to wear the khadi which he is wearing in the image above, he had already became a well known leader for not just Indians but for all over the world.

To relate some one with such character to the pic above. I think is baseless.

What do you think on the Dancing Gandhi image? Share with us your views.

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  1. I think it's wonderful! and I hope it's real. what better way to show that our heroes are really simply people like you and me. we all have it in us to do great things, to be leaders in our own lives, to strive to better people (not better than others, just better than we were the day before). and it shows the joy in advocating for a better world. as emma goldman put it so precisely, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." all one, :)

  2. Why there is any doubt about the real character of the photo?

  3. Are the so called men of character facing some ban on dancing?

  4. I think we shouldn’t think like radicals who think that the dancing is a guilt, and Gandhi is guilty just because of a simple dancing, and then this picture is about the moment when the India had been free just for couple of while, and and Gandhi says if India released so I will dance, and the part is for a moment that everyone says Mahatma it’s time to dance, because of joy of liberty in India.
    This story is quote by someone who was in this place when Gandhi was dancing, and I think this is a part of Gandhi’s amiable and lovely character and I love it…

  5. I hope it's real. The sentiment is beautiful. Why should being associated with dancing make us think less of him? For my part, I will definitely think even more of him.

  6. This is real photo….

  7. If you happened to see a picture of legendary Indian Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, merrily dancing away with a white girl at a party while still in his dhoties, take heart – it is not him! Take a closer look, and you will see that the image is real, but the Gandhi in it is fake. Apparently it is an Australian actor posing as Gandhi who is shaking a leg with the lady. The two were captured at a charity gala in Sydney, say reports.

    Social networking sites were abuzz with people sharing this pic or talking about it. Gandhians swore it’s not him, while anti-Gandhi people had a good laugh looking at it. Bollywood PR Dale Bhagwagar pointed out, “If you mark this picture minutely, Gandhiji has muscles on his arms. This is the give away, as we all know that the Mahatma was skinny.” He adds, “This kind of a mix-up of history could be dangerous. It may have long-term implications with a large number of people being misled with incorrect perceptions about national leaders and icons of society.”

    In another picture, Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse was shown with a gun. This was apparently a film still from Nine Hours To Rama (1963) in which Horst Buchholz had played Godse and Gandhi was essayed by JS Casshyap. Do you think these pictures on the Internet are an insult to our great national leaders?

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