Friday , 28 November 2014
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Pictures of Seven Headed Snake

Boy!! its just creeps me out. I got this pictures from my friend and thought to share it with you folks.

Look at it man,  so far of our life we just heard stories of these mysterious creatures like Seven Headed snake, ghosts, vampires.

Now, the proof of seven headed snake rocks the world. The seven headed snake was found in Kukke Subramanya, Near Mangalore, Karnataka, India

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      • Peace

        You know you really are stupid not to mention some what racist. you think your so great for using your big fancy words. You are the most ignorant person I have ever met. from what I have learned Hinduism is a way of life you can be christen and Hindi. also a lot of different country’s practice this same religion. it douse not matter you do not go around bashing others believes. you would not like it if I bashed yours! why don’t you learn about the religion before say this crap! Your words are disgusting!

      • dddddd

        I don’t know much of Hinduism but I know when people are be racist and ignorant and you are there! don’t force your believes on to some one else. because I could easily say if I were Hindu at lest I don’t worship some one who’s not hear!
        and he or she has a god to worship already!

  • Katam Ganesh

    fake…………..fake…………fake………… adobe photoshop…

  • san
  • devsonga


  • Vien Nguyen

    why we care about seven head snake …people who can live and treat the other with thousand faces , why you care the snake only has 7 heads

  • Rebecca

    Wow, the religious and racial ignorance spouting from an edited snake picture is just disgusting! The second that I start to have faith in humankind, people show just how backward and under educated they really are. It doesn’t matter who or what you worship. LOVE EACH OTHER AND STOP SPITTING YOUR IGNORANCE AND INTOLERANCE ALL OVER OTHERS!!!!!

  • Facundo

    A picture can be manipulated in a digital ways like photoshop. Show us videos and i will believe that it exists. I’m a digital image specialist and i can judge either the picture is fake or genuine. So many hoax nowadays in the world wide web trying to deceive people.

  • Riz

    This is insane. A clear Photoshop work. Ghosh! People!! Wake Up!

  • LL Georges


  • chaththa

    Actually i must appreciate your ability to make jokes and keep us entertained…. but anybody … even a 10 year old child can do such a magic out of photoshop like in 10 min s … sorry you are out !! NEXT !!!