Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Cameras to study glaciers melting in Himalayas

Himalayan glaciers one of the world’s  biggest glaciers which is the home for many perennial rivers flowing from it has been dated to become extinct within few years from now.

In order to study the changes that is causing the glaciers meltdown, an US organization installed the solar panel powered cameras on vertical rock faces with the aim of monitoring melting of glaciers over the next two years.

The camera is designed to take the pictures of the glaciers every 30 minutes and this process will continue till 6 months. After that, a short video will be made through this pictures caught in the life span of 6 months and will be studied.

So far, the image was taken through satellites. This is the first time a video camera is used to study the glaciers. Not only Himalayas, but regions like Alaska, Iceland, Greenland and Bolivia is also being studied at the moment.

I reckon there is something serious issue behind it.  This act proves that the climate changes has already affected the world.

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