Wednesday , 23 August 2017
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Facebook Introduces ‘Save’ Feature

Facebook Introduces ‘Save’ Feature

Facebook has announced the much-awaited ‘Save’ feature. With this new feature you can save anything you like in Facebook from links, posts, movies to places which you can check back at a later time.

Well it is about time Facebook come up with this feature especially since a lot of us have much difficulty in finding something we liked which gets buried in our news-feed after a few hours.

Only the user can see the things they’ve saved. Saved items are stored in the “More” tab on mobile or in the “Saved” link on the left-hand side of the website. Facebook will also show you reminders of your saved items in the News Feed.

The saved list is organized by category. You can swipe right on items to share them with friends from mobile devices.

The feature is rolling out to everyone on iOS, Android and the web over the course of the next several days.

Facebook has made it clear that it wants to be a go-to place for people to consumer news content. A save feature is a critical part of most news reading services (favorites work for Twitter), so the social network just got a lot better for that purpose, in my opinion.

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