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Difference between Stack vs Heap memory

Stack memory stores variable types in address’ in memory, these variables in programming are called local variables and are often stored for short amounts of time while a function/method block uses them to compute a task.

Once a function/method has completed its cycle the reference to the variable in the stack is removed.
Heap memory stores all instances or attributes, constructors and methods of a class/object.

A Heap reference is also stored in Stack memory until the life cycle of the object has completed. Inside the Heap reference all the contents of the object are stored whereas with a local variable only the variable contents are stored in the stack.


var blue
var red
ref 0x456783 (Heap reference)
var tom
ref 0x498702 (Heap reference)
var diane

Heap (0x456783)
name => Susan
age => 26
city => London
height => 5’7
Gender => female

Heap (0x498702)
name => Paul
age => 21
city => Glasgow
height => 6’0
Gender => male

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