Tuesday , 19 November 2019
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Scientist create Invisibility Cloak using Mirage Effect

A group of Scientist from Texas have managed to create a technology that might one day hide an object.

“We really can hide objects. … We can switch for a short moment and make it disappear,” said Ali Aliev, a physicist at UTD.

Sounds like science fiction might one day see science face to face and challenge it!!!


The experiment conducted by Ali Aliev uses a threadlike material – made of carbon nanotubes and then heats them up rapidly until the objects beneath them effectively disappear.

Aliev said, “He discovered that the material becomes so hot when heated up that it can bend light around an object, making it look as if it has disappeared. (The phenomenon is similar to the way desert heat can create a mirage.)”

And here’s an interesting video that shows how the experiment make the object disappear.

Here’s the case study of the experiment, click here

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