Saturday , 28 November 2015
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Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 Phones Officially Now Available

Apple iPhone 5 unlocked models now availableApple has silently started selling iPhone 5 unlocked version.

The unlocked iPhone 5 comes without a contract. Apple started selling the unlocked iPhone 5 last night.

It has been made available for the U.S. customers who can now visit and purchase a fully unlocked iPhone 5 without contract.

Apple iPhone 5 unlocked version has been made available at the below mentioned prices:

Unlocked iPhone 5 16GB – $649

Unlocked iPhone 5 32GB – $749

Unlocked iPhone 5 64GB – $849

The unlocked iPhone 5 will work with any GSM SIM card. Apple iPhone 5 works on a Nano SIM card, so customers who are looking to switch over to the new iPhone, check with your provider for the availability of the Nano SIM.


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