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Ex Oz PM Howard takes a dig at BCCI

Former Australian prime minister Johan Howard today said: “there is a problem with the administration of cricket in some parts of the cricketing world.”

Howard added, “I hasten to say not Australia – I think the cricket administration in Australia is very good. I think there is a problem in parts of the Indian subcontinent and clearly there is a problem in Zimbabwe, which is not entirely unrelated to the circumstances affecting me,”

This is something expected from a candidate who was denied the opportunity by Sub Continent nations. To stress a particular country, it would be India. The BCCI was against Mr.Howard candidate for the Vice President of  ICC and many other cricket playing nations supported BCCI.

After months, now we see Mr.Howard speak on the issue indirectly.

He also records an invaluable lesson he learnt when his older brother Wal wasn’t elected captain of the church cricket team.

“This was because he took it for granted, owing to his seniority, that he would be elected,” Howard wrote.

“He had not bothered to organise his numbers. I thought the decision of the team was most unfair, and it left me feeling upset and angry for weeks. It taught me a lesson about ballots which I have never forgotten,” he adds.

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