Thursday , 27 November 2014
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Batista coming back to WWE

Is Batista returning to WWE? Rumors say  ‘Yes’. The information broke out like a fire after Batista gave a short interview.

Batista told – “I will not be doing MMA/Strikeforce any time soon. So you can see me in the future of the WWE”.

Now lets dig deep into the rumors and try to find whether it is possible for him to return back to WWE.

If you analyze why Batista’s  left WWE, he did it  in mood of disappointment of not having him take the opportunity like movies which other superstars often get.

If i could stress a specific member, it would be Cena and Triple H. Both superstars are enjoying their life with great offers from WWE.

Now, Batista after leaving WWE tried hard to get into a job and considered fighting with Bobby Lashley, a star of MMA.

But for whatever reasons, he has not yet signed the contract or competed against him that leads Batista to get into a job.

Its  a known fact that  WWE is the only company that pays its superstars more than any other wrestling company.

I just hope Batista puts his past behind him and return back to WWE. If  Batista returns as the anonymous general manager of  WWE , that would be exciting as we already see a match building up between Rock and Cena.

This Wrestlemania 27, we have the Rock hosting the show. For more on the story CLICK HERE

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  • Kathleen

    he is coming back January 20th I cant wait