Tuesday , 22 July 2014
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WWE releases the Latest Rank of its Superstars

WWE  has ranked its superstar for this week and you have some 
unexpected results. The rankings are based on victories, quality 
of opponents,momentum and  overall in-ring dominance, 
as well as intangibles
Power 25
Rank 1  goes to Rey Mysterio
Rank 2   Big Show
Rank 3  Kofi Kingston
Rank 4  John Cena
Rank 5  Edge
Rank 6  The Hart Dynasty
Rank 7  Randy Orton
Rank 8  Jack Swagger
Rank 9  R Truth
Rank 10  Michelle McCool and Layla
Rank 11  Sheamus
Rank 12  Chris Jericho
Rank 13  The Miz
Rank 14 Wade Barrett
Rank 15 Evan Bourne
Rank 16 Christain
Rank 17 Drew McIntyre
Rank 18 CM Punk
Rank 19 Kane
Rank 20 MVP
Rank 21 Maryse
Rank 22 Eve
Rank 23 Ted Dibiase
Rank 24 Dolph Ziggler
Rank 25 Zack Ryder
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