Friday , 22 November 2019
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Facbook Losing Millions of Users??

Facebook seems to be having a problem, it’s losing it’s only asset, it’s users. Facebook is reportedly losing millions of user per month in the US. So why are people fleeing Facebook? It is hard to say, maybe Facebook has all along just been a fad that is losing it’s shine. Mass migrations towards alternate social network with new online ... Read More »

MySpace slashes nearly half its global staff

MySpace, the ex-social networking site has been taking the fall ever since the launch of Facebook. It did nothing to rebound and looks like its going through a very tough time now. MySpace just fired almost 50% of its employees worldwide! Struggling entertainment site MySpace said Tuesday that it is cutting nearly half of its staff worldwide, or about 500 ... Read More »

Social site users do badly in exams.

Yes, parents and teachers worst fear has been confirmed by a new research. Yep, Social Networking sites are damaging student’s academic performance. The researchers discovered that the majority of the students who use Myspace or Facebook everyday are underachieving by as much as an entire grade! compared with those shun such sites. In order to reach their conclusion researchers discovered ... Read More »