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Two Moons on the sky in August 27,2010?

Come on people, what makes you believe this absolute rumor. Yes, it is a rumor spread through Email  to gain concentration on unwanted issue. So how the story of Two Moons 2010 begin? In the year 2003, Mars came very close to Earth, that in resemblance looked like a moon but its a planet. So on August 27, 2003  people ... Read More »

2012 doomsday and Nibiru update

Constant searches and voices of concern are seen throughout the world about planet x or Nibiru and its 2012 effects. I will give the best description through question and answers way. 1) Has Nibiru or Planet X spotted in the solar system? Ans) No 2) How do you say that Nibiru or Planet X is not heading this way? Ans) ... Read More »