Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Facebook To Dissappear By 2020

A new prediction by an analyst says that Facebook will be wiped off the earth by 2020. But wait, not disappear-disappear, it will be there but not as important as it is today. Before we dwell into this prediction of Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital. Facebook is here to remain as the social network, it might not be a ... Read More »

40% of Accounts on Facebook, Twitter are Spam!

A new report by an anti-spam company says that 40 percent of accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites are just spam. Bummer! This is not going to help Facebook stock recover. 40% is a shockingly high percentage which will come to 1 in 2 accounts as spam accounts. This is really not going to boost our confidence ... Read More »

Google+ is a Ghost Town!

Google+ is Google’s take on social network and also targeted against Facebook. But we guess people don’t want Google everywhere especially when Google just can’t define privacy. Google loves to collect all are data. Everything we do in the internet using Google is recorded and tracked, but nothing dangerous after all Google has no evil plans they just want to ... Read More »