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Day after Christmas sales 2010

So the Fun Christmas is over. But what is the total sales percent this Christmas 2010 offered? eh?

The New York Times is reporting a 5 and a half percent sale increase for last weekends sales compared to the last weekend before Christmas in 2009. Cool!

Besides the readers have a good news here. Walmart has decided to open very early at Sunday 6 a.m and will close by 9 in the evening. This is great for folks who couldn’t manage last min purchase, include me in the list. lol.

Anyway i have decided to visit walmart on Sunday for purchasing stuff.

Some Targets will open at 7 a.m. And close at 11 p.m. Macy’s at 7, And some Best Buys open at 7 a.m. And stay open to 9 p.m. Instead of closing at the regular 6 p.m. But will the deals be better than last year? We’ll have to wait and see.

And the Master Card Spending Pulse is reporting a 15 and a half percent increase in online sales this year for a total 36.4 Billion Dollars. Some retailers might be out of their best merchandise while other’s might hold off on sales since this was the best holiday shopping season since 2006. No need to lower you’re prices if you’re selling well.

But we found a couple of great sales going on for you. Sear’s Outlet Stores will be offering 50 percent off all Kenmore refrigerators. Dell is offering 30 percent off on some of their laptops at dell dot com. And threw the end of the year Best Buy is offering lots of free Smart Phones with two year contracts but no it does not include the I phone.

And with out any hard facts we certainly found lots of internet rumors about free shipping this Sunday so before you head out check you’re favorite retailers websites.

And one last amazing Cyber shopping statistic from this year. Mastercard’s Spending Pulse reports that daily online sales topped 1 billion dollars in one day six times this year. That’s compared with only three in 2009.

And you can still give a gift to yourself for next year by donating to a charity before the end of the year to help lower your tax bill.

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