Wednesday , 30 July 2014
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DFW Airport Shut Down due to bad weather

DFW Airport has been completely shut down this Tuesday morning thanks to icy weather.

Its one of those days where an individual curses weather, i am sure today is already in that  list. Argh, its taking a toll out of me.

DFW Airport spokesman David Magana said the tracks are a layer of ice, but the teams are working to make them disappear. He said the center plans to reopen within a few hours.

Thanks to this ice storm schools have been closed along with mass electricity shortage in Texas.

DFW Airport is not alone in ice filled runways problem, we have other Airports that faces similar type of  situation.

Thousands of flight tickets have also been reportedly canceled. The authorities are informing the passengers who are already in the airport of the possible delay in take off.

Latest report coming from DFW Airport is that  “One of the runways has been cleared and is reopened while the crew is clearing out other runways”. That sounds great!

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