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UK teacher banned for abusing pupils

A teacher found to have emotionally abused pupils has been banned from the profession.

John Hughes called children at Garth Primary School in Trevor, Denbighshire, names such as dumbo and twit, a disciplinary hearing was told.

He also poked pupils with a stick and had dragged them by their collars, the hearing was told, and was also found guilty of physical misconduct.

The General Teaching Council for Wales banned Mr Hughes indefinitely.

He has already been dismissed from his post at the school and he has been removed from the teaching register.

The hearing, in Ewloe, was told that Mr Hughes poked pupils with a stick and had dragged them by their collars.

He had also thrown their work on the floor.

Mr Hughes was given a prohibition order, the most serious of four punishment options.

It means “the teacher is removed from the register and prohibited from teaching indefinitely.”

Following a period of two years he can apply for readmission to the register.

He has 28 days to launch an appeal at the High Court.

Source: BBC

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