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Google Data Center to Buy power from Oklahoma Wind Farm

Google Headquarters California

Google, has once again showed its continual interest towards the carbon free atmosphere by planning to purchase energy from the wind farm that is planned near Oklahoma.

By this deal, Google will be able to own 100 mega watt power through the deal and more importantly it will be an eco friendly. The readers should note that Google’s headquarters located on Mountain valley, California already runs on Solar energy which is the sign of  Google vision on future Earth.

In a blog post, Gary Demasi from Google’s infrastructure team said that Google has been able to reduce its energy usage by over 50 percent with efficient data centers. But investing in renewable energy projects directly and purchasing offsets is the only way to reach the corporate goal of being carbon neutral, he said.

“As a company we hope that purchases like these, plus the additional $350 million we’ve invested in renewable energy projects, support the market and drive down the cost of clean energy. This will enable even more companies to invest in sustainable energy solutions,” Demasi wrote.

The deal follows Google’s investment in two large renewable energy projects this month, including a huge 825 megawatt wind farm in Oregon and the Ivanpah solar thermal power plant in southern California, both of which are under construction. Those investments were equity stakes in the actual projects, rather than agreements to buy the power output from those plants.

Google said its power purchase agreement with the Oklahoma wind farm will result in the project being built. Google’s power to its Mayes County, Oklahoma data center is expected to be operating later this year.

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