Friday , 18 October 2019
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India’s Political Drama!

There is a pretty good political drama revolving around Indian Politics. First, the commonwealth games mess and now they deny the farmers their own land due to the River Yamuna expansion project.

The agitated  farmers of Uttar Pradesh led a huge march in Delhi demanding their rights . They demand a better compensation for the land which is being taken from them.

On the other end, Rahul Gandhi, the son of Ex prime minister Rajiv Gandhi  has taken out to the farmers quoting that he is their soldier and he will raise their voice for them.

What i dont understand is? The Indian Government is led by Congress and Sonia Gandhi,the mother of Rahul Gandhi has full command over the high authority decision.

In one way the government take the living out of farmers and in other hand they play nice like they support them.

What a democracy!

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