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US resort offers room in form of tent

luxury hotel TentA US luxury resort is offering rooms for as little as $19 (£11) per night, but the comical fact is the  guests have to sleep in a tent.

The package is named “Survivor Package” that charges less for each amenity they give up.To put this way, lose some comfort get the charges reduced. The  $19 deal may force the visitors or guests to sacrifice a bed, breakfast, air-conditioning, towels, toilet paper, a mini-bar and lighting.

Staff will even unscrew the headboard from the wall – but leave a small tent.

General manager John Gates said that during tough economic times it was a way to help people stay at a nice resort who normally could not afford to.

“It’s our way of getting people here that might not normally come,” he told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

He said it was hoped that people who tried the promotion would return to stay at full price.

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