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Bay News 9 Weather

Bay News 9 Weather, Klystron 9 is the most advanced, most powerful, most high-resolution weather radar broadcast worldwide. Our revolutionary technology opens the way by providing more accurate weather forecasting in the Bay area.

The storms were heavy at times, some accompanied by lightning and gusty winds. “The heavy rains will continue for part of the day,”said Bay News 9 meteorologist Diane Kacmarik.” We see strong throughout the day and in the afternoon. ”

People should check the weather and seek shelter if the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning. Warnings are usually issued when a tornado is spotted from the ground or is visible on radar.

The cold weather interrupted regular cycle of the plant from flowering to maturity strawberry, which normally takes about a month. Last week strawberry growers in Florida has delivered nearly 900,000 apartments, below the usual million apartments per week in January, “said Campbell. “We are approaching normal,” he said. It is always better than in January 2010, when producers fought freezing temperatures for about two weeks, “he said. Meanwhile, growers shipped as little as 137,000 apartments per week. But even with the production, snow and cold was normal closed highways in the northern states, the typical market of the industry, “noted Campbell. “If we had collected one million apartments, we could not get them to consumers anyway.” Citrus and fruit have a lower threshold for damage caused by freezing – 28 degrees for four hours or more. “He looks like we came through last night in good condition all of our growth regions, “said Mike Sparks, chief executive at Lakeland-based Florida Citrus Mutual, in an e-mail to members.” We had temperatures below zero reported in some areas, but fortunately there was not time. ”

Thursday in Lakeland National Weather Service thermometer at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport recorded 29 degrees, which was considerably higher than the record 22 degrees set in 1981 and not nearly cold enough to damage citrus.

Temperatures eventually warmed to 54 degrees Thursday and a warming trend will begin today, with temperatures expected in the 70s shortly before the start of next week, according to forecasts Bay News 9. Below freezing are expected this morning, with a minimum of 29 degrees predicted, before warming to 61 degrees.

For the weekend, temperatures will continue to warm, with a minimum of 38 and 66 degrees expected for Sunday. On Sunday, a minimum of 43 is expected, followed by a maximum of 68 degrees, Bay News 9 meteorologists said.

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